Welcome to St Andrew's Church, Kolkata

Services in English: Every Sunday at 9.30am and on New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Christmas Day all at 9.30am.

Holy Communion is celebrated on the third Sunday of each month. Sunday School is held during the Sunday Service, except during school holidays.

Lunchtime service for office goers: every Thursday at 1.00pm.

Church Office is open from 10am to 2pm every day except Mondays and Public Holidays.

St Andrew’s follows the Presbyterian form of worship and governance having been a Church of Scotland congregation until joining the Church of North India in 1970.  We are a congregation that thinks of themselves as a family and visitors are assured of a friendly welcome, please make yourself known to the Presbyter or an Elder.

Calcutta Hill Christian Church
This congregation worships at St Andrew’s and holds their Service in Nepali at St Andrew’s every Sunday at 11.30am. 


St Andrew’s is the custodian of the Scottish Cemetery at 3 Karaya Road, Kolkata - 700 014. It has a long association with Dr Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong, West Bengal. The Presbyter is ex-officio a member of the Board of Management of La Martiniere School for Boys, Kolkata.

St Andrew’s Church has been designated a Heritage building by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) and as part of the renovation of historic B B D Bag received a grant from the KMC through their Heritage Committee to paint the exterior and undertake a number of repairs to the building and grounds. 

St Andrew’s has always been a notable landmark and today newly renovated it stands even more prominently. We are grateful to the Kolkata MunicipalCorporation, its Heritage Committee and INTACH* for their funding, support and initiative, plus other support we have received for the repainting of the interior. (*The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, Calcutta Regional Chapter)

Amongst other features there is a fine organ which was converted from pneumatic to mechanical operation in 1971 but currently awaits a major overhaul later in 2014. The clock installed in 1835 was made in London and we understand it is one of very few by that clockmaker still working anywhere, unfortunately we have no further details. Until about twenty five years ago the Church was enclosed by beautiful cast iron railings and gates but sadly there was a period when cast iron items like railings and manhole covers were regularly stolen and our railings started to disappear. Consequently the decision had to be taken to replace the railings with a wall. But the original railings and gates remained in the front until a speeding lorry crashed into them. There had been two gates but it proved impossible to repair or replicate one of them. The basic railings could however be replicated and are in place today but the one gate has had to remain on one side rather than in the middle which may seem odd but this is the reason. 


Dear Friends,

Welcome to the official website of St. Andrews Church, CNI. You are invited to browse our website for information and contacts. St. Andrews Church is an unique Church which holds to the Presbyterian tradition in its worship and administration following the Church of Scotland tradition, yet on the other hand functions under the Diocese of Calcutta, CNI. It is a proud landmark in the central part of Kolkata drawing both curious and interested visitors. We have frequent visitors from all around the world and especially UK. Families from UK who can trace their ancestry to some who have been involved in this church as chaplains or others in different capacities find the church to be a valuable resource. It is our priviledge and joy to  serve the people of God and the city of Kolkata.



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St. Andrew's Church:
15 B.B.D Bagh North
Kolkata 700 001
Telephone: (033) 2230 1994


Session Clerk:
Mr Michael Pook
St. Andrew's Church
Ph: 9830057770
Email - mjpook@gmail.com

Revd. Dr. Swarup Bar
Mobile: 9073624412
Email: swarup.bar20@yahoo.com


Honorary Treasurer:
Mr. Ashok Pasricha
663/1, Block “O” New Alipore
Kolkata 700 053
Email: ashokisapasricha@gmail.com


Assistant Presbyter:
Rev Dr. Sunil M. Caleb
Principal, Bishop’s College
224, A.J.C. Bose Road
Ph: 9831379890
Email: smcaleb@vsnl.net

Church Administration Officer:
Mr Chintamani Behera
15 B.B.D Bagh North
Kolkata 700 001
Ph: 2230 1994

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